Our Ministries

No matter your stage or season of life, we want you and your family to join us!

  • The Elders

    Contact-  Tom Hansen


    Who are we?

    The Elders look after the spiritual phase of congregational life, see to it that order is maintained in services and, whatever necessary, be of assistance to the Pastor in matters of public services and in the externals connected with the administration of the Sacraments.

  • Outreach ministry

    Contact- Nikki Rach nikkirrach@gmail.com

    Who are we? 

    The Outreach Committee is responsible for maintaining Evangelism within the congregation and conducts Evangelistic type activities to win the unchurched and unsaved for Christ. 

    • International Missions

    • Special Needs Community

    • ‘Doing’

    • Passion Projects

  • Caring ministry

    Contact -  Jean Kruse


    Who are we?

    The caring ministry provides care to those with temporary or emergency needs, they make referrals to appropriate agencies to those with special needs, uplifts them with cards on special events, provides grief literature to those in need, and provides a visitation service and meals to the homebound on a temporary basis.

  • Youth and Family Ministry

    Contact - Mary Ellen


    Who are we?

    The Youth and Family Ministry board have the following items under its supervision

    • all phases of Parish Education such as Sunday School
    • Bible Class
    • Vacation Bible School
    • Confirmation & Membership classes
    • Youth Program
  • The Trustees

    Contact -  Marv Becker


    Who are we?

    The Trustees have custody and control of all temporalities and property, real and personal belonging to the congregation and see to it that they are kept in good repair.

  • The School BOARD

    Contact - Kathy Nelson


    Who are we?

    The School Board establishes guidelines and policy for preschool; oversees the financial operations of preschool; assists the School Director in decision making; approves all new programs; approves all staff changes and teacher contracts; and in fulfilling these obligations, shall promote the philosophy of ministry of Faith Lutheran Church.